Who is Star Trac?

History about Star Trac Africa

Star Trac secured the rights for Starcom Systems products in Southern Africa in 2008. Starcom currently operates tracking agencies in over 50 countries around the globe. After extensive testing of the units both abroad and in South Africa Star Trac set up offices and a national control centre. Star Trac launched to the public at the Auto Africa Show in November 2008.

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Our promise to you

You are in control of both your vehicle and staff, by setting the unit to work for you not only will you control vehicle movement but you will also be able to monitor driving habits. Defined zones make it easy to monitor when a vehicle enters a specific area.

You enjoy the ease of use of the system, be it Trac & Trace or full fleet management, vehicle tracking, our online tutorials will guide you through all the necessary steps with ease.

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Keep your car safe with a tracker system

With startracafrica the best tracker south africa, You maintain stability due to our easy setup, you can control movements, vehicle speeds, areas traveled and a host of other features. We can also set unit and upgrade them using state of the art OTA (over the air) communications making this one of the most stable units around.

You are confident that in the event of a situation arising such as theft or hi-jacking our professional control room staff will assist in every way possible to protect both you our client and your asset (tracking device).

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