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How do our vehicle tracker devices work-car tracker device?

Unit - car tracking system- car tracking units

Star Trac Vehicle Tracking uses the latest GPS technology available. By using these trackers we are able to locate your vehicle to approximately 4 meters when out and about. Should your vehicle enter a parking structure the system will lock your vehicle position at the entrance until you exit. This GPS information is then transferred from the Star Trac unit to our international call centre based in Johannesburg via Vodacom GPRS(mobile internet). Units are set to update this information as well as other pre-set information at intervals of less than 5 minutes, this allows us almost real time tracking and exception reporting. Once our call centre server receives the information from your vehicle we direct this to our web based server for you to see. Exception reporting allows a fleet manager or owner of the vehicle to accurately receive information such as entering a restricted zone, monitoring over speeding or even accident detection with our fine car tracking system.

Our web application also allows clients to either generate or schedule to email vehicle reports such as work hours , vehicle history, stop hour, zone and speed reports this giving you full daily, weekly or monthly control of your vehicles. Private clients have the option of reports relating to personal and business trips for tax purposes. With Servers based in Johannesburg and Europe we assure you our tracker service should never go down.


Should your vehicle be hi-jacked or stolen contact our call centre and we will go to work recovering your vehicle. Simply put, we will locate your vehicle and dispatch a competent and well trained recovery team to the vehicle location. Once your vehicle is secure we will contact you to arrange for the vehicle to be put back into your possession.

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