How do our vehicle tracking systems differ?

Unit comparison

Star Trac offers two different units to the end user, namely the Star Trac Junior and Star Trac Advanced. Although similar in functionality the as you will see below the advance tracker unit offers just that little more when it comes to fleet management and personal safety.

Both units will give the end user a full experience to monitor vehicles both on-line and via a mobile device.

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Unit Features



GSM / GPS Vehicle Tracking via GPRS
car tracking system, Vehicle Tracking
car tracking system, tracker car, eet tracking units

Cell phone network connectivity GPS global positioning using satellite

Street Level Tracking in real time
car tracking units, car tracking system
Vehicle Tracking, car tracking device

Mapping showing street positions of your vehicle on a map interface

Recovery Country Wide
car tracking system
car tracking units, tracker car

Full 24/7 country wide recovery using ground and Air

Theft Alert
Car Tracking, car tracking units
Car Tracking, tracking device

Alerts the control centre of possible theft of your vehicle while you away from it

Main Power Low Alert
tracking device, car tracker
tracking device

Alerts the call centre should your vehicle instantaneously loses power from the vehicle battery

Emergency Alert
Car Tracker south africa
Car Tracker south africa, car tracker

When pressing the emergency button the call centre gets an immediate alert of possible trouble

Accident Detection
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ar tracker, tracker car, car tracking system

Should the vehicle be involved in an accident serious enough to trigger an airbag the unit will alert the call centre

Tow Detection via GPS
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Should the vehicle be moved while parked by being towed the call centre will get a notice of unauthorised movement

Daily Live Status Check
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Within a 24 hour period the system will register should the vehicle unit not update

Programmable Event Reports
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Reports can be programed to email vehicle information directly to the client giving vehicle reports

Speed Restrictions
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Allows the client to set a notice should the vehicle travel faster than it is set too

Mileage Monitoring
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This allows clients to once set correctly get an email when the vehicle is due for its next service.

Driver ID
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Should a key pad be installed we can monitor just who is driving the vehicle by virtue of the person entering the code assigned by us to them

5 Digital Imputs
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This allows us to monitor things like doors, PTO switches and any voltage driven device in the vehicle

2 Analog Imputs
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This allows us to monitor the current voltage given to devices for example refrigeration

Can Bus Connection
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Many new vehicle using Can Bus (similar to an office PC Network ) allowing us to monitor many additional functions using the vehicle’s own computer

Harsh Breaking
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This allows us to monitor instant harsh breaking showing the client vehicle abuse

Internet Tracking
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Allows the client via a username to login to the web application to track and monitor the vehicle

Cellphone Tracking
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A Mobi website giving the client an on the go idea of vehicle positions and status via an internet enabled cell phone

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